Cultural Arts Program Guide 2021 - 2022

Each year, the TEMS PTO Cultural Arts Committee arranges and sponsors programs to enhance our students’ experience of arts, culture, literature, history and science through live performances and interactive workshops. Selected with input from faculty and staff, the programs are designed to enrich the curriculum and provide exposure to a range of subjects and artistic expression. The Cultural Arts budget is funded by our Annual PTO fundraising efforts.


1. 5th grade will host Jeff Benoit as he performs his one man show "Chariot of the Sun" on April 19th at 9am.
2. 6th grade will host Ssuuna Dance Troop on May 27th at 2pm.
3. 7th grade will host Clyde Evans and the Chosen Dance Company as they present "The Evolution of Hip Hop." The assembly is TBA but likely May 23rd.
4. 8th grade will have Mr. Christopher Davies back again this year. He will do an assembly about Shakespeare with a focus on Romeo and Juliet. This will take place on Friday, March 4th.
Thank you for your ongoing support of TEMS PTO to bring Cultural Arts programs like this to our community!
Contact: Susan Chronister & Meg Taft for queries if any.

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