The School Store is located in the hallway near the Cafeteria at T/E Middle School. The School Supply lists are provided by TEMS.

The TEMS PTO operates the School Store where students are welcome to shop during their lunch period. The goal of the store is to provide a service and generate a modest profit that contributes to the TEMS PTO's fundraising efforts. Thank you for supporting the TEMS School Store.

School Store

  • All school supplies are sold at the school store as well as gym uniforms and spirit wear (as available)
  • Gym uniform shirts are $8.00, shorts are $7.00
  • Prices are competitive
  • Cash or check (payable to "TEMS PTO") are accepted
  • You can create an account by sending in $10 or $20 for your child to draw from during the school year
  • As a convenience to parents, the School Store opens at the end of August for a 3-day Back to School Sale

The School Store is Managed and Staffed by Parent Volunteers

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the Back to School Sale and all those signed up to help throughout the year.


3 Reasons Why We Love the TEMS School Store

  • It recreates the old fashioned feeling of going to a corner store to buy something fun.
  • It sells most school supplies needed for back to school, mid-year refresh and classroom projects.
  • It gives the volunteers a chance to be with students at school and observe what is happening in school.

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