School Day:  8:27 a.m - 3:10 p.m
​Half Day: 8:27 a.m -  12:17 p.m

TEMS Attendance: 610-240-1230

TEMS Attendance Email:

TEMS Activities: 610-240-1218

TEMS Athletics: 610-240-1250 (Updated after 1:30pm depending on weather)

​TESD Information Center: 610-240-1970 (School Closings and Emergencies)​

TESD Transportation: 610-240-1680 (Bus Services)

Student Attendance Information

Parents / guardians must provide the school with a written excuse explaining why their children were absent within three calendar days of the absence. The school will accept handwritten notes and emails from parents/guardians.​ Visit the TEMS website for more Student Attendance Information.


TEMS Websites

  • Schoology (child’s courses, calendar, grades): (Use TESD user and pw provided)
  • Home Access Center (HAC - child’s registration, report card): (Use TESD user and pw provided)
  • Athletics: > Activities > Athletics
  • Clubs: > Activities > Clubs and Activities
  • Morning Announcements: > Quick Links on Home Page
  • Music: > Activities > Music
  • School Calendar: > Calendar
  • Student Handbook: > Our School > General Information
  • Weekly Bulletin: > Quick Links on Home Page​


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